Lash Lift:
For those who want beautiful, curved, natural lashes, lash lift is the perfect treatment. Your lashes get a beautiful bow with the help of this semi-permanent treatment, it opens up the eye and the lashes appear longer.
The treatment can be booked with or without color and lasts for 6-8 weeks.
It is recommended to refrain from using oily products and get water on your lashes for 24 hours after the treatment.
Lash lift is performed by cleaning your lashes and placing small silicone molds on your eyelids. 2 different liquids are applied alternately, which will fix and neutralize your lashes in a new beautiful shape. It ends with caring products to strengthen the health of your lashes and extend the durability of your new lash lift.

Extensions Eyelashes - Eyelash extensions:
A treatment where you have artificial lashes attached to your natural lashes. It can be with the aim of creating more fullness or length. Since the natural lashes must carry the application, they are always taken into account.
At Audra, we offer various treatments.
Classic is for those who want a natural look with a focus on length and simplicity. The lashes are applied 1:1
Volume is for you who want to focus on fullness. Here, 3-4 lashes are applied in a fan to each of your natural hairs. It creates a fuller look. All tabs are handmade and customized to your lashes.
Hybrid is for you who want a look where there is both a focus on fullness and length. Hybrid is a mix of volume and classic.

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