About Audra

My name is Audra and I am your nail and foot fairy in North Zealand, Fredensborg.

I have over 15 years of experience and a great passion for colors, decoration and care of nails. I love to guide my clients so that they leave my clinic satisfied and happy. Although colors have always been my great passion, for many years reason won over this. As a child, after school I had private art lessons from a local artist. She saw huge potential in me, but my family maintained a wish that I finish university first to secure my future. I therefore have a bachelor's degree in business administration and management at Vilnius University. I later furthered my education in HR, management and accounting. In addition, I speak five languages and have worked in the service industry in international hotel chains, restaurants and bars.

After a number of years, I have now chosen to follow my dream and my heart. I therefore started AUDRA in 2020, a clinic for nail and foot care. With the support and backing of my amazing husband and two small children, I have gone all in. I got off to a great start with a Danish Nail Awards nomination for "The Shooting Star" in 2020.
I became a CND Brand Ambassador in June 2021.

In addition, I am training to be a podiatrist and taking supplementary health subjects so that I can gain new techniques and knowledge.
I have a clinic in beautiful Fredensborg. I have chosen this so that I can be more flexible and so that you can be in the center and have a little break from everyday life. Here you can relax and enjoy the treatment. Among other things, I also sell the Danish skin care brand SKØN SKINCARE. 90% of their products are water-free and contain no volumizing ingredients. The products are therefore extremely rich and concentrated because questionable and unnecessary ingredients are omitted. It also makes their production more green and sustainable. All products are based on natural or organic cosmetic raw materials.
When you book an appointment with me, you get a passionate zealot who is passionate about his work. My relationship with my clients often becomes personal and I value that highly.

See you at AUDRA for:
• Varnishing with CND Shellac
• Quick and easy removal
• A large selection of CND Shellac colours
• French lacquering (white edges)
• Reinforcement of your own nails with gel
• Manicure
• Pedicure
• Nail biting nail treatment
• Hand painted nail art and glitter etc.

I look forward to welcoming you to my clinic in Fredensborg, North Zealand.

If you want to see more of my work, you can follow me on Instagram here.

If some of you go with the dream of also training as nail technicians, then I can recommend taking the training here.