Hands and feet

At Audra, I can help you whether you want beautiful natural nails, unique handmade nail art, treatment of nail bites or strengthening of your nails. I am a professional nail technician and use only the latest and best products on the market.

You therefore do not need to worry about:
• Drying time
• Worn nail tips
• Weak and broken nails
• Scratches in the paint
• Stocking and pillow marks
• Files and harsh solvents

CND Shellac treatments:
CND are products for nail care, they have 40 years of experience in the market and have themselves developed the products that exist today and new products are added continuously. These are vegan high-quality products, environmentally friendly and effective.
I am an ambassador for CND in Denmark.
CND Shellac is a brand new professional from for high-gloss shine nail polish. You will quickly become addicted to this new combination of nail polish and gel, which is far better than anything we have seen before. With CND Shellac, you get a more uniform, shiny and durable coating. You can choose between French manicure or your favorite color in Shellac with matte, glitter or pearl finish. (Nail art can be selected - here I decorate your nails based on your personal wishes). The varnish must be cured under a UV lamp and the treatment can only be carried out by a certified nail technician.
It is easy to remove and Shellac provides strong protection for your natural nails for several weeks. For some Shellac lasts 3+ weeks, for others maybe only 2 weeks. There can be a big difference in durability. It depends on what type of job/activity you have and how much fat your own nails produce. If you are on holiday you may find that it does not last as well and that the color changes due to the sun and chlorine in the water. Detergents can also cause CND Shellac to dissolve. Therefore, no guarantee is given after 48 hours, but you are of course always welcome to book an appointment for painting a single nail.

Get nice summer feet: With peeling, shape filing of nails, filing of calluses, massage and foot cream.
Please note that pedicure is a cosmetic foot and nail treatment. We do NOT treat very hard skin, foot and nail fungus, ingrown nails and the like. Then you should contact a podiatrist instead.

Peeling of the hands. Shape filing of nails and cuticles is arranged. Hand massage and shine for nails with oil and hand cream.

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